Marx Kart Shop

Location: Marx Kart

Marx Kart Shop
Name Merge Price
misc.png Hydra Scale acsmall.png Hydra Skin 100x 100,000 Acs
class_table.png Chaos Shaper acsmall.png Hydra Scale acsmall.png 1x 5,000 Acs
class_table.png Dungeon Master acsmall.png Dungeon Master Helm's 1x Dungeon Token 150x Lord Token 200x 100,000 Acs
class_table.png Evolved Hydra Caster acsmall.png Hydra Caster 1x Hydra Scale acsmall.png 1x 100,000 Gold
class_table.png Hydra Caster Hydra Skin 100x 100,000 Gold
class_table.png Witch Grove 100,000 Gold
Armor_Table.png Chaos Symbiote Armor 5,000 Acs
Armor_Table.png Demon Ethan Hantu Token 55x 100,000 Gold
Armor_Table.png Rev Viper Hantu Token 70x 5,000 Gold

Thanks to Vernoob , Marxx And Colonel.

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